Gastric Band, Lap BandBody Free is not currently offering Gastric Banding (Lap Banding) to our patients. We feel the significant problems and unreliable weight loss results do not makeup for the perceived simplicity of this procedure. Some patients favour the Gastric Band because of the reversibility of the procedure, however once the band is removed weight almost certainly returns.

Gastric Banding is performed using a few small laparoscopic (keyhole) incisions to place an adjustable silicone band around the upper part of the stomach. Squeezed by the silicone band, the stomach becomes a smaller pouch with a narrowed outlet that slowly releases food into the lower part of the stomach.

This Obesity Surgery procedure works by restricting food intake, and also to some degree increasing the feeling of fullness after eating.

Over the months following Gastric Band surgery, it is necessary to make regular visits to your Bariatric Surgeon to have the band adjusted in order to allow the correct amount of food to pass from the upper pouch of the stomach past the band to the lower portion. An adjustment involves saline being pushed into the band via a port – saline may be either added or removed from the band to enable more or less restriction to the stomach.

As explained above, Dr Joseph does not currently offer this procedure, however – he is often asked to remove bands by patients who have had them in place for some time. He can perform this procedure either as a single procedure surgery or as part of a Revision Bariatric procedure.

Gastric Band (Lap Band) Pros and Cons


  • Reversible procedure (the band can be removed)
  • No cutting of the stomach
  • No malabsorption issues


  • Less reliable weight loss
  • Ulceration
  • Gastritis (irritated stomach lining)
  • Slippage (movement of the band)
  • Reflux (up to 30% of patients suffer from this)

Overall, we have found that patients encounter more problems with this procedure, and it is also less effective than newer Weight Loss Surgery techniques (Gastric Sleeve and Gastric Bypass).

Gastric Band (Lap Band) Recovery Time

As a guide, most patients need 1-2 nights in hospital post-op, and depending on the work in which you are employed, anywhere from 3-14 days off work. Most patients can start walking within a few days, and more vigorous exercise within 3 weeks.

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