The team have collated some Weight Loss Surgery Post-Operative information including diet and recovery information to help you on your weight loss journey. Our Bariatric Surgeon and Dietitian will provide individualised programs to suit each patient.

Weight Loss Surgery Post-Operative Care

Wound Care

Post-Operative wound care following weight loss surgery is very manageable due to the incisions being smaller than those used for open procedures. The small keyhole incisions made are all closed with dissolving stitches which are all placed under the skin so that patients will never need to see them. We also use either tissue glue, or steristrips and waterproof dressings, to ensure the skin heals in a clean and dry environment. Patients can bathe or shower with these dressings in place. However, they should be patted dry afterwards.

The dressings are normally removed 10 days after Weight Loss Surgery and the incisions should have healed nicely by then.

Pain Management

Most patient’s post-operative discomfort has settled at the time of discharge from hospital. Some patients may however require a small amount of oral medication to help manage ongoing discomfort for a week or so. This can include Panadol, Panadeine Forte, Endone, or occasionally other medicines.

Other Medicines

Routine medications can be recommenced as directed in the post-operative phase and any blood thinning agents that patients were previously taking will also be recommenced as directed by the medical team.

Many patients will be directed to take a PPI (Proton Pump Inhibitor) such as Nexium, Somac or Losec for a certain period after Bariatric Surgery to reduce stomach acid production.

Weight Loss Surgery Post-Operative Diet

Bariatric Surgery will help patients to start their weight loss journey, however, in order to achieve successful long-term results – dietary and behavioural changes are necessary.

Each patient will be given specific dietary advice based on their personal requirements, but the following are very brief recommended guidelines following Weight Loss Surgery.

Week 1

  • Liquid nourishment

Weeks 2 – 4

  • Pureed food

Week 4 +

  • Commencement of soft solid diet.

** For more dietary information, please speak with your Dietitian, who will provide you with a more comprehensive plan.

Recovery Time

As a guide, most patients need 2-3 nights in hospital post-operatively, and depending on the work in which you are employed, anywhere from 3-14 days off work. Most patients can start walking within a few days, and more vigorous exercise can commence within 3 weeks.

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