The weight loss surgery journey begins when you make the decision to call us to make your first appointment. Consults with your Bariatric Surgeon and Dietitian follow, and your surgery will be soon after that. You can read more below or contact us to get started.

Stage 1

Meet Your Specialist Bariatric Team

Visit us at the BodyFree Weight Loss Clinic to meet with your Bariatric Surgeon and Dietitian. Discuss your health and lifestyle goals, learn more about the surgical options and which one is best for you, and also gain an understanding of your pre and post-operative dietary needs.

Stage 2

Weight Loss Surgery & Hospital Stay

The day has arrived for you to take the next step on your weight loss journey. You’ll arrive at the hospital on your surgery day at an assigned time. Weight Loss Surgery will be performed by your Bariatric Surgeon, a 2–3 day hospital stay will follow.

Stage 3

Post-Operative Care

Your post-operative diet will commence, initially liquid only before progressing to pureed food. Your Dietitian will provide direction and guidance to help you on your way. You will visit your Bariatric Surgeon, Bariatric Physician and Dietitian during this stage.

Stage 4

Ongoing Care

You will continue to see your Bariatric Surgeon or Bariatric Physician every 3-4 months for the first 12 months post surgery, then 1–2 times during the following 12 months. We recommend seeing your Dietitian at least one more time following surgery, further consults are often very helpful and deliver better long term results.

Healthy Life Maintenance

All of your dietary and lifestyle changes become part of your everyday life as you progress on your weight loss journey. You will start to feel healthier everyday. Your confidence will begin to increase as you become more social and enjoy life.

The weight loss surgery journey normally takes from 12–18 months, with most of the weight coming off in the first 6 months. During this period, there will be regular follow up visits, more frequently during the first year and then once or twice a year on an ongoing basis.

Weight Loss Surgery: Stage 1 – Meet Your Specialist Bariatric Team

Initial consult at BodyFree Weight Loss Clinic.

  • Meet with your Bariatric Surgeon
  • Meet with your Dietitian
  • Discuss your weight loss goals and any health concerns. Ask questions, discuss surgical options etc.

Medical tests requested.

  • If not already conducted, you will likely be required to have blood and/or other medical tests prior to having surgery. Your Bariatric Surgeon will advise what is required during your initial consultation.

Psychologist appointment.

  • Some patients may benefit from visiting a psychologist particularly if they have an unusually strong relationship with food when under stress or emotional pressure.

Follow up appointment with your Bariatric Surgeon.

  • If required, discuss any medical tests conducted following your initial consult and next steps for you. This visit also allows you an opportunity to ask further questions.

Schedule your Weight Loss Surgery.

  • We will provide information about your procedure and the next steps to get you ready for your surgery date. You will receive email confirmation of your surgery date, hospital admission papers and post-operative dietitian and surgical follow up appointment details.

Weight Loss Surgery: Stage 2 – Your Surgery & Hospital Stay

Surgery day.

  • You will be contacted by the hospital where your procedure will be performed 1-2 days prior to your surgery date. During this call you will be told what time to arrive at the hospital for your procedure, you will also be given pre-operative fasting instructions.

Hospital stay.

  • On average, patients spend up to 2-3 nights in hospital post surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery: Stage 3 – Post-Operative Care

Post-operative diet commences.

  • Your weight loss journey begins with your post-operative diet. During your initial Dietitian consultation you will be given post-operative dietary advice to follow. Patients are typically restricted to a liquid only diet in the first stage of recovery moving onto pureed meals soon after.

Dietitian follow up.

  • This post-operative consultation will be conducted one week after surgery.

Surgical follow up.

  • This post-operative consultation will be conducted four weeks after surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery: Stage 4 – Ongoing Care

Ongoing surgical follow ups.

  • As a general guide, you will visit the clinic for follow up appointments every 3-4 months in the 12 months following your procedure, and then 1-2 times during the second year post surgery.

Dietitian follow ups.

  • We recommend you see your Dietitian at least one more time following your procedure, but we have found that further follow up appointments can be very helpful and deliver more successful results as your weight loss journey continues.

Healthy Life Maintenance following Weight Loss Surgery

  • As you progress through the dietary and lifestyle changes following your procedure and your weight loss begins you will start to feel better and healthier everyday. You will experience positive long term life changes as your confidence increases and you make better food choices, add exercise and physical activity to your days and get out and about more often with family and friends.

Your Weight Loss Surgery Journey

If you are a candidate for Weight Loss Surgery and would like to visit us for a consultation with our Surgeon and Dietitian, you will need to visit your GP to request a referral to see us. This referral will allow you to claim Medicare rebates. If you would  like to claim Medicare rebates for your Dietitian consultations, you will also need an EPC referral from your GP.

As a patient, your journey begins with consultations with our BodyFree Weight Loss Clinic Bariatric Surgeon and Dietitian.

Our Dietitian will talk to you about your current nutrition and then discuss your pre-operative and post-operative diets to help you to be best prepared for the changes ahead.

You will then see our Bariatric Surgeon who will chat with you about your personal goals and overall health in order to determine suitability for Weight Loss Surgery and answer any questions you may have. If you decide you would like to proceed further, the Surgeon may request blood or other tests be carried out with a follow up consult booked in to run through the results and give you an opportunity to ask more questions. If there aren’t any further tests required surgery can be scheduled.

Following that second consult with your Surgeon you may choose to take some time to decide on surgery, or your Surgeon will book you in for the procedure during the consult.

One week after surgery, you will see your Dietitian for a follow up, and then 3-4 weeks after that you will see your Surgeon again as well.

We encourage our patients to continue to visit us over the months and years following your procedure. While this is not mandatory, we have found that ongoing care and engagement with the BodyFree Weight Loss Clinic team delivers great results and helps you to maintain long term success.

The months following surgery provide you with an opportunity to look at life/work balance and make long term changes, develop healthy, lifelong diet changes and start regularly exercising if physically able.

The weight loss surgery journey normally takes from 12-18 months, with most of the weight coming off in the first 6 months.

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