The Gastric Sleeve is now the most commonly performed bariatric surgery and brings an excellent balance of long term sustained weight loss, together with a great quality of life.

The procedure is performed using a few small laparoscopic (keyhole) incisions, and creates a long narrow stomach which is smaller in volume 200-300 mL instead of the usual 1000-1300 mL. The excess portion of stomach is permanently removed. The food passes through the smaller stomach similarly to the originally sized one, entering the small intestine via the normal end of the stomach.

The procedure is successful due to several effective mechanisms all working together. Firstly, patients are now very satisfied with a much smaller portion of food and feel full earlier. Secondly, the hunger drive is diminished for at least 9-12 months due to the removal of the top portion of the stomach (fundus) which produces a lot of the hormones that normally drive hunger (Ghrelin amongst others). The ability to absorb nutrients is essentially unchanged, although a few patients may have low vitamin B12 or low Iron levels long term.

Recovery time

As a guide, most patients need 2 nights in hospital post-op, and depending on the work in which you are employed, anywhere from 3-14 days off work. Most patients can start walking within a few days, and more vigorous exercise within 3 weeks.


Excellent weight loss success and long term maintenance

Ability to tolerate a normal range of food choices.

Good for mild to moderately controlled Diabetes.

Can improve fertility in women, with more likelihood of a healthy weight full term delivery than a Gastric Bypass. (please note: pregnancy is not advised in the first 6-12 months after bariatric surgery)


A small number of patients may have Vitamin B12 or Iron deficiency long term.

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